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Top 7 Best Savings Account for Children in India

It is very important to teach your children the importance of money management. And opening a savings account for them is one of the best ways to teach them money management. Therefore, open a savings account for them today. Here are the Top 7 Best Savings Account for Children in India. In the complex financial [...]

IPPB and POSA Linkage: How to link POSA to IPPB Account?

India Post serves the people of India to help them make savings and plays an important role in India’s socio-economic development. The services offered by post offices have reached every corner of the country from rural areas to urban areas. In this post, I am going to tell you about IPPB and POSA Linkage and [...]

iWish Flexible RD: ICICI iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit

ICICI Bank is a popular and leading private sector bank in India. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to retail customers. This post discusses everything you need to know about iWish Flexible RD: ICICI iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit. ICICI iWish iWish is a unique flexible RD that allows you to [...]

Best Tax Saving FD Rates: These banks are offering the highest tax saver FD...

Tax-saving fixed deposit with the bank is one of the low-risk investment instruments in the section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Investment in these FDs generates assured returns with utmost safety. In this post, I have listed the Best Tax Saving FD Rates offered by banks. Tax Saving Fixed Deposit (FD) Tax-saving FD [...]

List of Banks in India 2021

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank and apex financial institution of the country. It was established in 1935. The RBI regulates and oversees the banking system of India. There are various types of banks in India. Each type of bank is responsible to perform different functions. In this post, I have [...]

Cash Deposit Machine Near Me: How to find CDM near me?

With the help of technology, the process of finding “CDM near me” is very quick and easy. Now you can get the address of a CDM machine near you at the click of a button. If you would like to know where is the nearest CDM to your location? How to find it? Therefore, read [...]

List of Private Banks in India 2021

In India, the banks are divided or classified into different categories. Every category or type of bank has its functions to perform. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is having the highest baking regulator authority in India. It regulates the monetary policy in the country. In this post, I have compiled the list of private [...]

List of Foreign Banks in India 2021 (International Banks in India)

India will be one of the fastest-growing emerging market economies of the world in this fiscal year. As per IMF (International Monetary Fund), India’s economy is expected to bounce back strongly in the fiscal year (2021-22) with 11.5% growth. There are various types of banks in India. The banks have been making a huge impact [...]

List of Payments Banks in India 2021

Payments Banks are formed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to ensure financial inclusion by providing payments and remittance services to an underserved population who have little or no banking access. These banks would not only assist these underserved populations of India but also provides them easy finance solutions to meet their requirements. Therefore, [...]

Best Salary Account in India 2021

All working people including private, public sector companies know the role of salary account in their life. Most of the companies usually tie-up with different banks to provide salary account to their employees. However, many private sector companies allow you to select a bank for this purpose. Therefore, let’s take a look at the Best [...]
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